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Money to Burn: Problems with fast fashion

Once you have this relationship with your clothes the idea of disposable fashion goes straight out of the window. After all if you love something, you feel good in it, so why wouldn’t you want to wear it again and again? 

Getting It Right: The Women's Room blog

“So many women think in order to look slim they need to wear fitted clothes. Absolutely not! Something that has a nice shape to it and maybe skims the body is so much more flattering and comfortable!”

Women and Social Enterprise

In a world in which women in developing countries face fewer opportunities, social enterprises and female empowerment projects are an increasingly significant area for the growth of their skills and independence. 


Everyday Resolutions

It’s a new year and January is the traditional time to consider positive changes to our lifestyle and everyday habits.  We make New Year’s resolutions with the best intentions, but all too often by February we are already forgetting