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Maku at Jaadu

Jaadu is pleased to present a very limited edition of elegant indigo clothing from guest designer Maku. Founded in 2011 by Santanu Das, and working in Kolkata, India, Maku is an intriguing and beautiful collection with a strong focus on traditional Indian textile.


Maku designs are all hand dyed, using a 5,000 year old indigo dye tradition. Maku celebrates age-old textile techniques and every piece is made of individually hand woven khadi, jamdani and muslin fabrics. 

Ethical and eco practices are at the core of Maku design, by simply continuing to use tried and tested techniques, natural fibres and dying practices.


Maku's collection at Jaadu is a limited in store edition running through June and July only. Read more about the process and history behind khadi fabric here


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